[A] <Just Freakin Started> 6/12M, AOTC Guild is Recruiting

Just Freakin Started-Garrosh ( age 18+ up ) offers TONS of perks in an awesome active community. We have hosted events almost every night of the week: Monday is 15+ Keystones, Wednesday is 10 & under keys. Open Heroic Raid on Thursday, and our Mythic Progression Team Raids F/Sa. And we even do Jaina kills on Sunday. All events start 7CST; 6M-12H Nya. Raid Team selectively recruiting. All members welcome to guild!

Please check out our website justfreakinstartedDOTgamerlaunchDOTcom or raiderIO for details. Please be advised the in-game guildfinder applications are not working. You may reach me via discord kiyoshie#1993 or btag enyo#11400 reliably.

Best of luck and happy gaming!