[A] Join Synergy! - 10/10H & 1/10M

Join us!

We’re looking for:
Strong DPS to build out our progression team.
Players looking for an active guild to run content with in 9.2

We have two raid teams Progression and Casual. Progression pushes harder content while Casual is for people learning to raid or those who can’t make the time commitment needed for Progression.

Our weekly guild schedule includes…
Progression raiding: Mon 9:30PM-12:30AM EST (requires Casual Raid tryout)
Progression /Casual raid: Tuesday & Wednesday 10:15PM-12:30AM EST (open to all that meet min ilvl requirements)
Mythic + runs: Sun @ 10:45 pm EST

You can expect from us:
A guild that has consistently raided for ten years…AOTC+ with some Mythic progress each raid.
An active guild on a fairly low population server
We are willing to help you improve your game play.
We understand real life is sometimes more important than raid
Fun banter on guild chat
An inclusive, welcoming environment for ALL players.

What we expect from our members:
Willingness to join others in-game for activities like M+, raids, holiday events, and general game discussions.
A desire to play your character to the best of your abilities.
Don’t be a jerk. Even if you’re top of the meters, we’ll still kick you for being toxic.

Feel free to message one of us in game or just request and guild invite via the guild tab in game…See you in Azeroth!

Recruitment Contacts:
Picklemeiste#1438 (Khileen - GM & Raid Lead)
Schwizzle17#1496 (Tuna - Officer)
LuckyViking#1149 (Krezz - Officer)

Bumping this for the recruits!

Hurrah! A bump for thee!

Sounds cool is there a community to join ? I’m casual.

We have a Synergy Guild Community in-game that’s mostly geared towards pug players that join for progression team on Monday - that being said - I’m open to the idea of making announcements on there if people would be interested in joining the community for any of our more social events or if you’d like to join our other raids as well. Otherwise, this post is mostly for our actual guild! :smiley: You can whisper me on my battle net or on discord at Khileen#0641 if you’d like!

The Monday no strings attached sounds more my style. I don’t care if ppl are pugs or Alts. Just every now and than I feel that raiding itch.

I might of applied had your raid times been a little earlier but good luck to you , free bump.

Thanks for the free bump! Sorry the times don’t work for ya. It’s actually some of the earlier times we’ve had. Normally we were a late-night raiding guild that went 11:15pm - 1:30am est. since we have a bunch of PST players as well. Good luck in your guild search! :partying_face:

Love to have you…you can apply to the community in game…just search for “Synergy Guild Community” and we’ll add you to the fun!