[A] < J E A L O U S> Welcoming New Members!

is a semi-hardcore guild, stretching back to Vanilla, and active on Myzrael since day one. Our core raiders have cleared all Classic content and are excited to do the same in TBC. We are a raid focused guild that also welcomes new and more casual players. We promote a fun and friendly atmosphere while expecting raiders to come prepared and focus up during progression.

While we have specific recruiting needs, we always welcome excellent people and players to join.

Raid Times
Tues and Wed 5:30 server
We also often run optional/supplemental raids/activities at varying times during the week.

Current Recruiting Needs
We will operate a single 25toon raid team.
***High ***- Shaman (Resto and Elemental) Priest (Holy/Disc and Shadow)
***Medium ***- Mage, Pally (Ret and Holy), Feral DPS, Rogue

We have some flexibility with our raid comp so, if you feel Jealous may be a good fit for you, don’t hesitate to reach out.

Loot System
MS>OS in Kara and a TBD effort based system in 25toon content (SK or EPGP)

Feel free to reach out to Ravenblue , Wolfnailo , Belsembar , or Moziz on discord or in game.

Are you guys still looking?