[A] <IRONFIST> is looking for healers for Mythic raids!

<IRONFIST> is currently looking for 1-2 healers as we begin to dive into Mythic Ny’alotha for our first time. We are currently 12/12H, and several of us are 3/12M as we have been pugging it on the weekends. We currently have two more weeks of running Heroics just to ensure everyone has all of the gear that they need (as well as gearing up some off-spec) and then we’ll be full time in Mythic starting on July 7th.

Who We Are:

<IRONFIST> has been on Burning Legion since Day 1 of World of Warcraft. We are a group of adults that enjoy raiding, but also understand that real life comes first. Many of our raiders have been in the guild since Wrath, but there are also a few of us that have been playing together since Vanilla. Most of us are now married and/or have kids, so we understand that sometimes real life comes up and it takes priority over the game. We push ourselves to be better, but we’re also not pushing for Hall of Fame or even CE - we just ask that you have fun, be fun to play with, and all around try to improve regularly.

Raid Info:

We raid on Tuesday and Thursday, from 8p to 10p CST.

Recruitment needs:
Holy/Disc Priest: High
Holy Paladin: High
Mistweaver Monk: High
Resto Druid: High
Resto Shaman: Low

Who To Contact:

Btag: palmermarc#1320
Discord: Palmer#7416