(A) <Invidious>

like every other guild here, has cleared all content, because it’s a joke and it’s Classic, since Week 1. 25M: 17/17 3D x2, 10M: 17/17 3D x5.

Yea, I’m being specific because nobody cares about your 25M 3D, it’s easy.

We’ve got 2 raid teams, one hasn’t had a Betrayer of Humanity drop. Lol.

We’re moving into Ulduar, same raids, same times, same loot. We’ve been slaving in the PTR, we are excited.

I don’t care what you play, I’ve got a spot for you. Holiday’s were tough, and Dragonflight hasn’t been easy either.

/who Invidious for a quick invite.


10M: Weekdays 8-11 EST.

We accept all, whether you’re a Dad or a Chad, there’s a spot for you.

Literally the only reason I’m posting here is because we actually had someone respond to this. His IGN is Hellspells, and I never would have thought such high quality people look at these forum posts, but he did. Huge gain to our community, maybe lightning will strike twice.