[A] Infinity LF holy paladin and others for immediate raid spots

Infinity is a casual raiding guild that goes all the way back to 2004 and the launch of World of Warcraft. We have immediate openings for a few classes and specs:

Holy paladin (MOST urgent)
Frost/UH DK (urgent)
Shadow priest
Mage (possibly)

We are a community-oriented, casual raiding guild with the goal of seeing the content with 24 of our friends. We are currently 11/12 normal (H gunship obv) with plans to start attempting some heroics after the new year. Our focus has always been on the quality of the person first and foremost. We do not necessarily have performance requirements, but the content does, so we expect our raiders to be prepared with gems/enchants/consumables, do their research, and actively work to contribute to the raids. We aren’t hung up on parses - raid performance is more important. We are not a sweaty group - if you are looking to push all the hard content immediately upon release, we aren’t for you. If you are looking for a fun, friendly, semi-insane environment where you can play the game to have fun while also contributing to the health and success of the raid, we encourage you to check us out.

Loot can best be described as SRx2, MS>OS+1 (but don’t be a dick). We actively work to ensure that loot is fairly and evenly distributed to the most suited classes/specs.

Raid nights are Tuesdays and Thursdays, 730 - 1030 server time.

We are always open to any casual raiders who want to join. While we cannot guarantee a raid spot to any classes but those listed above, we often have absences that will require us to call on bench players. We are also open to player rotation for the right fit.

Classes with a tanking offspec and experience would be welcome for our 10m runs.

Please feel free to message me in-game on Pagle on Lorani or Lyane, or you can message me on Discord at fuschia1025. We look forward to hearing from you!

5.4k Hpal with some ICC exp. looking for a guild to join and raid with.