[A] Inept LF players going into 2nd raid

We’re a newly formed guild that aims to pop into CN and grab AotC within our first week of raiding when we have the numbers. Will consider Mythic if the numbers support it but are most likely looking to go for CE come the 2nd raid of SL while we build a strong core.

Raid nights and times are to be decided, (we will only raid 2 nights) as I’ve said above the major focus is a strong core. There will be no carrying and we expect players to know their classes to the level we raid at and to currently hold at least 9/10 with knowledge on mechanics for Sire.

Toasted#8902 - Discord, best place to get in touch with me.

We are are recruiting everything atm, we are not a guild to shy away from certain classes/specs because they’re not “meta” we’re looking for skilled players.

We also run keys, looking to push into the 20’s once we get rolling and also running some RBG’s.

Send me a message, lets have a chat! :slight_smile:

Bumpin for the recruitments.

Raid days and times are 8:45PM SVT - 12:00AM SVT Weds/Mon.

Still recruiting!