[A] <Imperium> is recruiting!

Alliance - Myzrael

We are a guild focused on end game raiding, and a community of friendly and fun adults who enjoy progressing together. The guild has been around since Myzrael’s beginning, with server #2 for 8/8 Blackwing Lair clear. We are understanding of people’s real life responsibilities while striving to do well.

Loot System

  • DKP, as-is bidding with class-based priority.
  • Show up consistently, be prepared and be rewarded.

These are the times of our multiple raid teams (all are 8/8 BWL; we are also raiding MC/Ony/ZG).

Main Raid Times

  • Tuesday: 6 pm PST
  • Friday: 7 pm PST
  • Saturday: 7 pm PST

All good players are welcome to apply.

Join our discord and post your application in the #applications channel. We always look forward to playing with more great people!


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Raid Times (Invites 15 minutes before start)

  • Raid Tralus: Friday/Saturday 7-11 pm PST
  • Raid Astrid: Tuesday 6-10 pm PST (Recruiting)
  • Raid Bannagar: Saturday/Sunday 7-11 pm PST (Recruiting)
  • Raid Meredith: Friday 3:30-6:30 pm PST (Recruiting)

Recruitment Needs:

  1. We are currently looking to fill out a new raid catering to our EST members. Raid time will be on Friday at 3:30 pm server. Slots for all classes/roles for this raid are available.
  2. Exceptional players (with at least pre-BiS) are always welcome to apply.
  3. Before posting, please change your Discord nickname to match your in-game character name.

Join our discord and post your application. We look forward to playing with more great people!


We are always looking for great players =)

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still looking for more?? Considering a xfer