[A] Immortals 10/10H; 4/10M Seeking DPS for progression

The guild runs two raids to accommodate player progression level. Both raids foster a friendly and laidback atmosphere with the goal to overcome current difficulty level.

Mythic Raid (progression) at 8PM to 11PM PST, on Tues. and Thurs. iLevel Req. 240
Seeking players with Sanc of Dom M experience on first three bosses. Currently at Soulrender Dormazain. Completing weekly M+ 15 is encouraged (not required) as a path to improving character output.

KT and Sylvanas on farm.

Contact Demitrius, Heartily, Silbren, Xtremedruid, Skarlettx, Kataa and Jinzá in game for details.

Thank you. See you in game.