[A] <Immortality> LF Raiders - 8/8 H - AOTC Guild

Immortality is currently recruiting as follows:

-1 Off-Tank
-1 Mage
-Exceptional DPS of any class (while we are not specifically recruiting DPS, additional talent is always encouraged)

Our Raid Times are Tuesday and Wednesday Nights 8:00pm - 10:30pm server time (CST).

About Us:
We are a new guild in BFA located on the Ravencrest/Uldaman - US Server composed of many old players, dating back to Vanilla and Burning Crusade. We founded this guild to create a casual family and friends environment to travel through the World of Warcraft together.

We are always recruiting new players of any class or level to join our family.

We are striving for AOTC in every raid this expansion, and hope that you will join us in our progression.

For any questions or inquiries:
Join our recruitment discord – discord.gg/dK5kmVa
Or add MoonkinRain#1506, Valhalia#11288, or Vox#1326

We are still recruiting for the above classes.

Thanks Demonsaint! As he said we are still recruiting. Planning on new raid this Tuesday! We are looking to add a couple more people to our core team.

Any room for a DPS Demon Hunter?

Looking to resub soon. Would prefer to stay on this realm if I can find a guild.