(A) Illidans Redemption Recruiting

Illidans Redemption, formerly Sisters of the Night (est Feb 2005), is likely the oldest active guild on Silverhand and we’re quite proud to still be around led by one of its founding members.

We are active adults partaking of ALL in-game content from raids, mythics to questing, Legacy transmog runs to PvP. We are active 5 pm EST USTZ through the weeee morning hours of 2 am.

We are currently regrouping after BFA hiatus and rebuilding our mythic, arena/BG PvP team as well as a regular 10 man raid group. But we’re also interested in just about any regular player who enjoys experiencing aspects of the game together. We simply aren’t a solo’ers/chat lurkers type guild. Everyone knows everyone here by name.

You can find us in the Guild Finder tool, our discord @ discord.gg/WkD8axzQqn or look for the following names in game to pester about membership: