[A] <I eats Cannibals> - Azuremyst - Social/Casual Guild LFM!

If you’ve been in trade for the last day or two, you may have seen my recruitment posts sandwiched between that level 1 gnome who’s been advertising for runs. I swear this is more legitimate!

Dormant or not, so far we like the calm of this server - it’s a lot less chaotic and dramatic than where we’re from. :slight_smile:

Every-day, normal people (that is we work Monday to Friday) looking for more to join our social guild for chatting and discussing the moral dilemmas of cannibalism. Questing, dungeons, and alts galore! Probably no discord, since we’re introverts.

This guild has been around for over a decade, sitting dormant while it’s leader ran off and leveled alts on other servers. Now that he’s back, we’re re-booting while we level and get to know a new community. If you have any interest in some laid-back people to chat with while leveling, grinding, farming, or slaughtering (or any combination of the above), please send a message to any of our members and we’d be happy to have you along for the ride.

Welcome to Staghelm/Azuremyst. :slight_smile: We hope you enjoy your new scenery!