A - Hunter main looking for a guild

Hi all I am a hunter main with a few toons I alt as (pally, DK, and evoker). I have played since classic off and on. Raided hardcore in WOTLK, Cata, and MoP. Life happened and played intermittently over the last few expansions. Love Dragonflight however and would like to start raiding. I am pretty chill, learn mechanics, and can stay out of things on the ground. I have a chaotic shift work schedule which makes always being off at the same time every week difficult but would love to try and do some casual raiding. Would like to do at least regular level and be interested in heroic. My hunter is iLvl 373 (not sure how good that is anymore). Engineer/Enchant. Can make savior if needed as well. My other 70s aren’t well geared but could if a different class was needed. Also interested in mount runs, old raid achievement runs, etc. Team player just looking for a team (when I started playing again my old guild was still around and I was the only one that had logged in over the last year so think it’s dead). Thanks for your time.

Let’s chat about it on Discord.