[A] <Hounds of Tindalos> is recruiting

[Hounds of Tindalos]

We are recruiting for our core raider positions. We’re 10/10 MC and 1/1 Ony and raid Sat/Sun at 5 p.m. server, with Ony on Tuesdays at 6:30 p.m. server. We are specifically looking for people over characters so any passionate players who are willing to learn and be a part of our team and community we request you apply. Our current raid needs are DPS and to a lesser extent Healing. But any exceptional players who work hard will make it in raids.

Hounds of Tindalos is a multi-game guild that has been together for 11 years, we started in Retail and have small groups in other games, but Classic has been the focus for us. We’re first and foremost a group of people who work well together for the betterment of ourselves and the guild and we’re looking for other people who exemplify that fact. Our motto for the last decade has been “People over purple.”

We’ve got players at all different levels and offer support leveling, in dungeons, and getting geared and attuned. PvP and Dungeon groups run daily from everything from SM to UBRS. We’re a very helpful guild and we expect our players to help each other out. If you’re a person who’s willing to be a part of the team and willing to learn and improve we will get you the gear and get you in the raids. We will put the time into you if you will put the time into us.

If interested please contact any of our leadership:

In-game: - Discord:
Pinkycatcher - Pinkycatcher#6692
GM - Tomanak - Aremoth (Tomanak)#2687
PvP - Stuns - Stuns#5862
Raid Lead - Chronnoss - Talaris#0804

We are still looking for folks. Pushing out second raid team.

We’re still open to good people!