[A] <Hoplite> (Uld10: 13/14 7/9 HM; Uld25 13/14) Recruiting for 10 and 25 roster! W+Th @ 8:30-11:30pm

Ulduar 10: 13/14, 3/9 HM. 1 night clear
Ulduar 25: 11/14 (Just need more full roster)

Who Are We?:
We are a group of real life friends and family who have been playing WoW for several years together, many of us dating back to original Classic WoW. We have a laid-back, fun, and friendly raid/guild environment, but when it comes time to raid we expect everyone to come prepared and pull their weight so we can effectively clear content in a timely manner :slight_smile:

What Are Our Guild Goals?:
We just started recruiting, but we are in the stages of filling 10m and 25m rosters for current and future raid content. We plan on progressing to clear all Hardmode/Heroic content.

Our Raid Times and Loot System:
Wednesday and Thursday @ 8:30-11:30pm Server Time (PDT).
We use a SR>MS+1>OS. All ranks of our guild adhere to the same loot system (no rank has priority above another, legendaries will be handed out based on players with highest attendance and most effective class/spec).

Recruitment Needs:
Class/specs listed below are what we need to fill our 25m raid roster. If your desired class/spec is not listed and you still wish to join the guild we would be happy to invite any skilled and dedicated raid member!

MAGE: 2 Arcane/Fire
ROGUE: 1 Combat
SHAMAN: 1 Enhancement, 1 Elemental
WARLOCK: 1 Affliction

Contact Us!:
BattleTag: Dallal#1499
Discord ID: Dallal#5308
You can reply to this thread or speak with any of our Officers in-game: Chahkra, Budduhca, Besidespally, Kalnoky. From there we can provide you with a link to join our guild’s Discord server :slight_smile:

Thank you for reading and we look forward to hearing from anyone interested in joining our guild!

Cleared 3 hardmodes in Ulduar 10 this week in 1 night: IC, Freya, Thorim. Going for HM FL, Yogg1 next week.
Just need more raiders for consistent 25m raids!

Cleared Uld 13/14, 7/9HMs last night! We are still recruiting for our 2nd 10m and filling last slots in 25m roster!

4.6k GS mage, 8/9 HM on main. Baansol is mage, Baansoul is warlock main. Trying to transition over to mage and looking for a guild that can support that. Would love to join for a run if you guys are still looking.