(A) < Hopes Fate > Dark Iron - is LFM for 9.2 (Raiding/M+)

(A) < Hopes Fate > the oldest consistently active Alliance Raiding Guild on Dark Iron is LFM active players to join our ranks for raid and M+ content in 9.2.

We strive to achieve AOTC and KSM for our active member base each tier and determine our mythic raid ambitions as our progression dictates.

We try our very best to maintain a laid back, fun, & welcoming environment for all. Guild repair funds, flasks, and feasts are typically provided for raids.

M+ content tends to be more fluid and occurs any time there are interested parties available but once we have a larger list of players and their availability we will attempt to schedule weekly M+ content again.

Our current raid Times are Tuesdays, 5:30-8:30pm PST & Sundays 3:00-7:00pm PST.

Please contact me via the forums or in game for more info or to join.