[A] Holy Paladin LF Kara Raiding Guild/Group after 8:30pm

I’m making it difficult to recruit me, I know. I love TBC. Karazhan most of all. I just want to relive my 20s and run Karazhan once per week. Except now I’m 34 with a wife and kids. Kids who don’t go to bed until 8:30pm, and a wife who expects me to help put them to bed (fair enough).

I’ve put tens of thousands of hours into WoW. My gear is dungeon blues with a few pieces from Karazhan. I have most of my top enchants and am fully stocked on pots, flasks, and consumables. I think I’d make a nice addition to any Kara raiding group/guild whose schedule aligns with mine.

Give me a shout if you have a slot for me. Thanks!

I posted from the wrong character, so I remade the post from my paladin, lol. Sorry for the duplicate post.