[A] High xp Feral LF healer for 2v2 or 3v3

I have been looking for a good healer for a while now on this realm and having trouble finding one. Maybe I am on the wrong realm?

I am currently at ~2.2k CR playing feral / rogue mostly and have been doing pretty well, beating several streamers and rank 1 players, but it has hard counters. I would prefer playing with a disc, rsham, or even hpala which has a higher ceiling.

I am very experienced as a feral and in general with wotlk content.

Please reply if you are an experienced healer. I am confident we can get a rank 1 title.

I am also down for some 3v3.

Can play:

  • stealth cleave
  • kitty cleave
  • jungle
  • mage/disc/feral
  • hpala, ele/afflic, feral

Thank you,