[A] <High Treason> Casual heroic raiders

High Treason is back for Shadowlands!

<High Treason> is a community of experienced players that have been playing WoW for over a decade. Now we have jobs and kids and approach the game with a more casual attitude, while still being as heroic as we were a decade ago!

A casual vibe
We are cool when someone needs to go /afk to change a nappy.
We are chill about players that can't attend every raid due to work, or other obligations.

We are heroic!
We raid heroic content, and aim to achieve Ahead of the Curve each raid tier.
We expect our progression raiders to know their rotations, come prepared, listen to directions, and pull their weight.

We run one raid per week.
    Saturdays at 8pm to 10:30pm (server time)

In game:
  • Emelle - Caelestrasz
  • Bely - Caelestrasz
  • Belsam - Caelestrasz
Or via a direct message from our Discord server: invite code: SgpH5NN
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Hit me up if you're interested, or want more info :)
New bump for a new month
Come join us for ToS :) We have a solid team, but could always use some more friends.
Hi :) added you on battletag, looking for a casual guild :)
Used to be #2 priest on my server back in the day in Cata/Firelands.
Ive now taken a casual approach now though. Will chat with you on battle.net.

I main ele sham now.
Hey Belsam,

I added you on Battletag, was looking for a new guild that raided on a regular basis without being hardcore kinda thing

I've got a 110 Resto druid ilvl880 that I would like to bring along and a 110 rogue at ilvl 873 and a couple of other toons to bring along.

Hopefully we can chat soon
Check out our guild's Discord repository for useful information:
Currently looking for DPS!

Also looking for an extra healer, but must have a viable DPS off-spec.
Need a new home for the new year?
Hi there, looking to join my first raiding guild, trying to gear up and meet people in game. Would love to be considered for a spot.
Need a guild for BfA? If you're a great player that can pull your weight, but also looking for a more laid-back and casual environment, look no further!
Especially looking for warrior and monk DPS.
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Hey there,

I’ve added you to BattleNet. Just looking for a cool place to play and make new friends.

Join us for Saturday evening raids :slight_smile:

We’re trialling Friday evening RBG sessions at 8pm - we have a vacant position if anyone’s keen for some low CR games.