[A] <HELIX> Recruiting for 9.2 Raiding

HELIX is currently recruiting DPS for 9.2 raiding. We are a semi-hardcore raiding guild and have been around since early Cataclysm, you may have heard of us. Have many AOTC’s under our belt, and currently in the top 10 for realm progress. Very active, laid back, and sociable. We are always doing M+ and raiding. We also aim to be as friendly and inclusive as possible. ZERO tolerance for toxicity, or elitism.

Raid Times: Wed/Thurs 6pm - 8:30pm PST
Deadline: Accepting applications until Feb 26th, 2022.

The Details: Looking for 2-3 more DPS to fill up our raiding roster for 9.2 Progression. Please message me on Discord as I do not frequent forums much. ID: Natajapar#7865
Criteria we will consider:

  • Must be willing to join guild.
  • High attention to detail, awareness, and drive to succeed.
  • Must have at bare minimum AOTC experience and have raided a full patch cycle. (Will be checking logs)

I get 10+ messages per day so make yourself stand out! Show us why you would be a great fit and what makes you a great raider! Thanks everyone! I will try my best to get back to everyone that applies.