<A> Healer Looking For Raid Guild

Does your guild need a healer and an overall excellent guild member who loves crafting and putting needed items in your guild bank, then look no further than me.

Let me introduce myself, I am Ken and I am 44 years old a military veteran and I live in Orlando, Florida and I am looking for a guild to call home.

I use discord and love talking to people and helping those who need to level by pulled through dungeons.

I have the following healers I am leveling and gearing on Stormrage
Holy Priest
Preservation Evoker
Resto Shaman
Healing Monk
Resto Druid

Did I mention I like to craft.

If you are looking for an energetic nerdy, non elitist healer who wants to have fun while not having wife aggro than I am your man.

A little bit about my raiding schedule

I would * like* to raid between 1pm and 6pm // 8pm to 10pm Tuesday - Friday EST and Saturday and Sunday I have open all day long, I work from home as the Vice President Of a Construction Company,

If your times do not match exactly, it does not matter, message me anyway I might be able to work something out. I am the kind of player that if I am online I am able and ready to help the guild out.


As the previous GM of this person I would suggest not granting any GBANK priv until they do more than level to lvl 58 for bank security reasons.

You make me laugh buddy. I have made over 1 million in the ah just over the last few days and half of that could have been in your guild bank