[A] [HC] Destined Death, recruiting for official HC Servers

Guild Name: Destined Death

Guild Type: Semi-Hardcore HC Raiding

Raid times (subject to change): Thurs/Fri or Fri/Sat 8pm -12am est. An extra day or 2 if we feel

Recruitment Contacts: Zora#6981 (Discord)

Classes/Specs Recruiting: NEED ALL SPOTS. But specifically dedicated warrior tanks and dps, mages, warlocks, and pallys! Dedication>Everything else

Loot System: Thinking about doing an SR system with a mix of loot council

Requirements: Be knowledgeable about your class and enjoy pushing your performance (or willing to learn). Come to raid in prebis, and come with consumables + world buffs. If you don’t wish to raid then just bring chill and fun vibes, I’m sure plenty of people will be leveling alts after they hit 60 and raid log. NO HARDCORE ADDON NEEDED.

Recruitment is going along pretty decently! Got about 10 raiders but still need a lot more to have a serious core team.
Specifically we are looking for

  • Paladins
  • Warlocks
  • Mages
  • Hunters
  • An SP
  • Druid healers
  • A Boomy
  • Warriors (willing to off tank later on)
  • Tanks

You have a guild going on BSB right now as well or just being proactive with recruiting?

The ladder, we’re just in ptr waiting room. When ptr launches I want to do test runs, maybe raid if we could.

A lot of people lost moral with the rxp, that being said I just want to play the game. :man_shrugging: