[A] <Hammerfist> Now Recruiting!

We are currently recruiting players (age 18+) for all classes. No jerks or Murlocs need apply.

Dedicated Discord Server - used for voice chat, information sharing, and event organization.

Raid times are Saturday and Monday beginning promptly at 8:30 EST.

We do mostly PvE content as a team (including impromptu Mythic+ runs), though there are a few members who occasionally queue for PvP and roam around in War Mode. Guildies often group up when leveling and sometimes form static leveling groups to make the experience more fun.

We plan on progressing thru raids with a solid team. It is expected that folks know their class and how to effectively play it. Other than that, it’s about having fun and enjoying ourselves.

The Hammerfist Clan is a metaguild gaming community founded in 2001. We have had teams in several different MMOs, including SWtOR, WoW, The Secret World, Rift, ArcheAge, and a few others.

Conversations on politics and religion on the forums, in guild chat, and/or voice chat are strongly discouraged, but just about everything else is fair game.

For more information on joining Hammerfist, send a DM to:
BNET - Metalish#11606 or JamestheLass#1974
Discord – Metalish#2270 or JamestheLass#1974