[A -> H] [IC] Bootlegger needed for regular shipments

A scrawled missive, apparently written on twice bleached paper once ripped from a book is tacked to the wall in a half-forgotten alley. It reads:

“North Lordaeron Tavern seeks reliable commerce-oriented supplier who’s not afraid of skirting an embargo or two. MUST KNOW DWARVEN BEER.”

((I’m trying to open up a RP tavern horde side and it would be nice to have some weaker /cheap drinks – especially if they were exclusive. I’m hoping to find someone willing to sell stacks of Rhapsody Malt and Thunder Ale via the Booty Bay Auction House (with a 100% markup [ie: 10s per stack+auction fees] cause your time is valuable). Yes, I could do this myself with an Alliance character but then I’d be depriving alliance RP’ers of this great opportunity to be an actual bootlegger. Would love to do a minor x-faction storyline involving negotiating the contract via the server discord, or an in-game SL for smuggling the casks of beer out of Dun Morogh etc.))


[tears down paper, casually strolls away]