[A] <Guns N Lotuses> making a new home in Earthfury

Hellow EarthFury! We, the last guild to hold the line on Kromcrush, have come to your realm to make a new home. We are excited to see so many people, so much LFG channel activity, and such a thriving economy! As soon as we are finished gathering up our lost sheep we will also be rejoining the raiding community. Looking forward to see you all! /Salute!


We are sad that some of our members were gobbled up by some of the many talented guilds here on Earthfury. However, we want only the best for our friends and wish them the best of luck and hold no grudge for them taking the opportunity to get access to bigger raids and better gear.

Meanwhile, we are rebuilding and have nearly completed reformation of our 10-man team. Headed back in this weekend! Thank you for the warm welcome we have received here on Earthfury.



Love the guild name

Why would you join a dying alliance server?