[A] Guild on Greymane-Tanaris (LFM good fitting, M+ humans)

I will preface this with, I’m not an officer, and we are not active in our recruitment efforts.

And check it. TLDR version up top!

I met a great player, and I know there are more out there. If you’re having a hard time fitting in with the pace, personality, or progression of your current environment- and can find your way to our server- Give <the Dingus Brigade> a chance. I was so very hesitant and skeptical at first to trust another guild, but I am glad I did.

We are an M+ [A] Guild on Greymane-Tanaris.

We have members burned out on BFA

We have members ready to hop onto the Vanilla servers to relive the glory days of 40 man coordination, although they really do not want to do that ever again-- and those that do not.

We have dungeon goers and pet collectors and achievement collectors.

We like cookies and beer and not wearing pants.

And we have the strength to put up with pugs for the progression of our individual toons, so as not to stress coordination on real life. Some would prefer to stay within family if there were to be enough interest and availability.

I’d venture to say that since most of us are Vanilla players, and half of us have led guilds for more years than we want to admit- that we have at least one or more gray hairs because of it.

Since I was on break, I have 4 expansions to clean through, and am avoiding panda cooking. I’m working on my tier sets, upgrading my garrison to level 3, and collecting legion and BFA pets- all while I look forward to killing Jaina, who, has a thing against gnomes, as she wont talk to me.

We are small, we are independent. We are family.

[SideBar/Vent] Maybe this should go in the in-development section, but I wanted to vent. I know what Blizzard has done has been a coding marvel, but I am slightly frustrated that I met a really nice/ fun vanilla player that was interested in a guild invite after our persistence with a lich king achievement. But between all the abilities of cross-server access and playability, I was unable to invite because they reside on the "uldaman" server. Complete BS (although I am thankful for the continued cross-realm development and communities. ) Thanks for the fun, Red =)

The last part that would would ruin the premise of WAR would be the break down the wall between alliance and horde so we could all be one.

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