[A] Grobbulus <Sleuth> | 25M: 13/14 3/9HM | 10m and 25m Ulduar/ToC

<Sleuth> - Grobbulus

Bears are found roaming across Azeroth… from the mountains of Khaz Modan or the greenery of Elwynn Forest, to the exotic shores of Bloodmyst Isle or idyllic lands of Ashenvale, even the frigid terrain in Winterspring and barren wastes of the Plaguelands. Bears are ferocious, caring, and curious by nature.

Though typically seen as solitary creatures, they are in fact community oriented. A group of Bears is called a Sleuth, derived from the adjective “slow” turned noun with the addition of -th (much like long becomes length), a surprising origin given their swiftness. Sleuths are also detectives, fitting for bears who are on a journey, in search of adventure.

Sleuth has been together as a community since Classic, throughout TBC, and into Wrath. We run several 25m and 10m raids every week, host weekly RP events, and PvP often. We focus on a semi-hardcore raiding environment with the intent and goal to clear all hardmodes in Ulduar and ToC. While this is a goal of ours, we still also are looking to have fun while doing it. We’re looking to beef up our 25m roster to better achieve our goals.

Looking for at least P1 geared players with raid experience for the following classes. Will be checking some logs to ensure you’re up to par.

Immediate Permanent Spots in Wed/Mon 25m Progression for:
Affliction Warlock - High
Demonology Warlock - High
Balance Druid - High
Ele Shaman - High
Fire Mage - High
Other great players for bench spots (let’s chat)

Immediate Permanent Spot in Friday 10m Progression for:
Elemental Shaman - High
Enhancement Shaman - High
Restoration Shaman - Low

Immediate Permanent Spots in Saturday 25m Casual for:
Pretty much anything, hmu

Overall Progress
25m Progression: 13/14 with 3/9 HM (recruiting) Wed/Mon 4:30pm - 7:30pm server
**10m Progression: **13/14 with 9/9 HM (roster full) Thursday 4:30pm - 7:30pm server
10m Progression: 13/14 with 4/9 HM (recruiting) Friday 4:30pm - 7:30pm server, cleanup Sunday 12:00pm - 3:00pm server
25m Casual: 0/14 with 0/9 HM (recruiting, new raid starting 5/5) Saturday 8:00am - 11:00am server
Other various RP and raid events throughout the week

Loot System
Loot Council using RCLootCouncil and ThatsMyBis.


  • Send me a direct message on Discord, Taon#8516

Y’all still looking?

Unfortunately can’t send you a message VIA mobile Discord. Not sure why.

These are great times for me. But sounds like you definitely don’t “need” Hunters?

Yes, still looking for everything listed