A Good Main

So no lie I’ll probably be maining the new dragon race when it comes out. However for right now should I main a warlock or a paladin? I want your opinion.

It really depends on what you prefer; Melee or Ranged.

Really didn’t give us a whole lot to work with here, like what you like melee vs ranged, do you have any desire to heal/tank at all because paladin gets that option and on the flippity only has 1 dps spec so if you dont like ret you are SoL.

If you want to be overpowered you can go warlock though, demo and destro are absolutely crushing the meta and affliction well, it exists. Warlocks are [typically] more sought after than ret paladins, but if you are a holy paladin you likely equally sought after for content as a warlock if not more so, but you’d have to be holy and healer and you didn’t say if you cared for that or not. Most of the time, people just don’t care to have a ret paladin in raid or in m+ though sometimes they are desirable for PvP. Warlocks is sought after in all three.

Historically speaking, warlock has been in a more powerful, fun spot with more players happy with at least one or more of the specs than ret paladin has been. Ret paladin is very volatile slot machine and its current iteration has caused many players to not enjoy it.

TLDR; if you just want a pool of votes, I think Warlock is cooler and better overall, go lock.

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Warlocks look cooler, have better class fantasy, have 3 dps specs and the best looking class mount. Easy choice.


Warlocks are great but I’m currently leveling a ret. I will say ret is more cooldown based whereas as this destruction warlock is a constant threat cooldowns or not.

Probably why I get trained so much in BGs. If melee sees me hard cast a chaos bolt I’m priority target one.

Play the one that has to press the buttons and do the things.


I have both at max w/ 4pce, and I much prefer warlock.

Better class fantasy (though pallies are cool), magic school is way cooler, just generally better lore imo, Better spell effects.

Dont choose just based off this - I mean sure, be a fotm re-roller if you want, but the meta is always changing

… but yeah, they’re in a great spot atm so that always helps :laughing:

Warlock may not be for you if there are any intentions of taking or healing.

With this said, Warlock had amazing lore, mogs, and playstyle options within it’s 3dps specs.

left my warlock for enhance in 9.2 just an fyi

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Demo and destro legendaries are so OP lol having a blast.