<A> Globo Gym Purple Cobras LF Hardcore/Semi Raiders

We are a newly created hardcore/semi hardcore guild. Our members have CE/HoF experience on retail and WOTLK, BC US TOP 50th 25M guild. We are looking to go hardcore and do all the things we did before.


Tuesday, Thursday 7:00 - 10:00 server time
• Tank - Open
• Heal – Druid, Shaman, Paladin or Holy Priest
• DPS - All

Even if your class is not listed we will consider exceptional applicants
We offer

• Clear content efficiently - most of us have real life responsibilities or also play other games, so being fast and efficient is of the essence
• Roster of like-minded and capable people - we strive to keep our roster to a high enough standard both as people and as raiders
• Fair distribution of loot – RC LOOT council and not play favorites
• GDKP raids in future as well as selling them. This was a huge success in funding GB in the past.

We expect
• Raid performance - we expect our raiders to bring their best every night, slacking will not be tolerated.
• Attendance & reliability - in order to not oversize our roster we require a high attendance.
• Preparation - come prepared with both tactics and any necessary items
• Humor and maturity - we all play WoW for fun.


Bnet: Haadogei#11463, Joshua99x#1739
Discord: Highland#3193, Plexity#5921