[A] Ghost Division (New Guild Recruiting)

Ghost Division is currently seeking people interested in joining our guild and/or raid times.

Currently we are raiding:
Naxx 25 on wednesday at 11am server time
Naxx 10 on saturday at 9:30pm server
Ulduar 10 on Monday at 9:30pm server (full Clear)

In addition to this we are looking to expand our way into Ulduar 25. We are a new player friendly guild who is just looking for casual and fun players.

For more information visit Zathlock on Atiesh.

If you like a raid leader who curses and is very hostile this is the guild for you. If you like cliques who also get very irate in a raid and will talk behind your back this is the guild for you. If your guild leader is never around but yet makes decisions with out getting a guild meeting and don’t care what you think… this is the guild for you. You want to talk about drama zatch… you need to look in your own company. There is a reason why no one wants to be in your guild. Look in the mirrow.

Looks like he tucked his tail and ran off lol