[A] <Gears of Warcraft> [US] [Lightbringer] Wed/Sat 8/8H Friendly Social Guild!

<Gears of Warcraft> [US – Lightbringer] is a semi-casual, friendly raiding guild. We are a guild formed and run by friends and family, and we always welcome new members with enthusiasm! We are looking for committed raiders going into Dazar’Alor. We are open to all but are specifically in need of healers, any class.

Main Team Raid Times & Days: Wednesday / Saturday | Wed: 6:15PM-8PM PST (9:15PM - 11PM EST) Sat: 4:15PM - 8PM PST (7:15PM - 11PM EST)

Alt Team (non-mandatory) Raid Times & Days: Friday 5:30PM - 8PM PST (8:30PM - 11PM EST)

Current Progression: 8/8H Uldir

Requirements: ~365+ ilvl (355 for alt team), Positive Attitude, high attendance (real life happens, we will work with you and your schedule). If you are not at the required ilvl for raiding, we will help you gear up if you are wanting to raid with one of our two teams. We are open to all raiders as long as they are willing to learn and improve!

Needs: Healers, DPS

Recruitment Contacts: BNet: Sassafras96#1531, BastBlaster#1166| Discord: sassafras96#1690