[A] <Full Blast> 5/10M 10/10H SoD LF DPS Mythic Progression - Wed/Thur

[A] Full Blast is actively recruiting for the Sanctum of Domination. We are looking for any DPS, preferably ranged. Any exceptional DPS is welcome to apply!

Realm/Server: Lightbringer (PST)

Last Tier Progression: 9/10M CN, 5 hours/week schedule
Current Tier Progression: 5/10M SoD 10/10H SoD

9.1 Raid Schedule (2 day, 6 hour/week)

  • Mythic Main Days: Wednesday/Thursday 7:15PM – 10:15PM Server (PST)
  • Early Tier & Optional Heroic Day: Monday 7:15PM – 10:15PM Server (PST)

About Us

We are a guild new to Shadowlands that has sprouted up from a community of Mythic+ and raiding players that transferred to Lightbringer in 9.0. With our first tier under our belt, we are looking to continue progressing Mythic content with the goal of achieving CE in 9.1.

We are moving to a 6 hour/week schedule (up from 5 hours/week) and aiming to get into Mythic as soon as possible.

Our mantra has always been going full blast with pushing content while having fun doing so.

What to Expect

  • A progression-focused raiding atmosphere with friendly, dedicated, and skilled raiders.
  • We have 6 hours each week, we do our best to make the most of it by having invites sent out 15 minutes prior to raid time.
  • There are no alt requirements, but we do generally require you to stay with one raiding character during a tier.
  • A community of Mythic+ key-pushers looking to boost IO and generate some memes on the side. We all say the darndest things under pressure, may as well get a good laugh out of them.

What We Expect

  • Dedicated and dependable players who can commit to raiding long-term and are able to maintain good attendance. We understand absences happen and real life always comes first but a little heads up goes a long way.
  • Players that have a solid grasp of how to play their class, an understanding of boss mechanics, and a willingness to learn and improve.
  • We’re looking for players that are interested in a long-term guild and willing to put in the effort to add to the social fabric of the community.
  • Must have Discord and a working microphone/headset.
  • Must download and maintain required addons (e.g., WeakAuras, Exorsus Raid Tools, & DBM/Big Wigs).


If you are interested in joining us for Sanctum of Domination, please feel free to reach out to me on Discord or BNet. Let’s chat!


Thanks for reading, I look forward to hearing from you. Let’s go Full Blast!

Alorá-Lightbringer (Discord: Alorá#0001 / BTag: Mikael#1842)

Very interested! Exactly what I am looking for.

Sounds great, just added you to bnet. Next time you’re online, let’s chat!

Still looking for some dps!

5 spots still open for dps possibly 1 healer

Hi all,

As an update, we are currently looking for a Resto Druid/Disc Priest & Clothie DPS!

Bumparoo magoooooooo!

Dh bumparoo!

Bumping for end of 2nd week progression! We are currently recruiting DPS for our roster! Please feel free to message / add me!

bumpin for bums

Mythic Inerva down as of last week! Looking for ranged DPS preferably & a potential flex healer to continue our push in Mythic CN. Please feel free to message us!

Bumping for getting M Council down! :smiley:

Bumping for Sludgefist progression! Looking for ranged DPS preferably & a healer to continue our push in Mythic CN.

Bumping for that 8/10M kill tonight!

Bumping for SLG progression!

Bumping for the 9.1 prep!


Eye of the Jailer and The Nine down in one night??? We’re Blastin’!

Tuesday Reset Bump! Let’s continue the Mythic push!

Monday Maintenance!? C’mon Blizz we wanna BLAST!