[A] Frostmourne <Veto> | GMT+8 | 2-day Raiding Guild

Veto is a GMT+8 guild based in the SEA region comprised of returning players as well as new players looking to recruit and set up our roster for the incoming Dragonflight expansion.

We’re a chill mature group looking to progress at a steady pace while having fun doing so. All are welcome, no matter your level of experience. We are willing to teach as we go along.

Non-raid days will be filled with organized M+ and other social activities!

Raid Days - Wednesday & Thursday : 8.30pm - 11pm (GMT+8) / 11.30pm - 2am (ST)

Currently looking for DPS - DH, Hunter, Monk although others may be considered

Get in touch with us! zarraz#1535 / kazback#2398

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Hi, i’m an ex-mythic raider lf a new gmt+8 home for df.
i’ve added you on real id. i’m khian#1855
interested to know more. thank you!

Love your proposed raiding time . =) Gogo Veto !

Bump! Looking for more

Hi, I have sent a request to you. Very interested in applying.

Hi, Im looking for a new guild for DF and im very interested In raiding and M+

Im an EX Mythic Raider but willing to learn more and I returned back to WoW during Season 4

BUMPing for DPS - DH, Hunters, Monks

I’m a pretty versatile player but do prefer healing/tanks. What kinds of Monk are you chasing? Haven’t quite settled on a main yet for DF as I quit SL like many players who weren’t happy with the expac. Raiding in WOTLK kind of got me back interested in raiding.

Definitely keen to tank or heal on a Monk again.