[A] Frostmourne <Hear Me Out> 8/8H Recruiting for 10.1

Hi, Im Boge, Not to be mistaken for Bog.

Hear Me Out is a new Frostmourne Alliance guild formed of a small group of friends who have raided together for the last couple of expansions.

We have raid teams on both Retail/WOTLK & we enjoy mythic plus on off days.

We are looking for a few more players to finalize our raid team for Dragon Flight , We we are looking to raid Thursday & Tuesday from 7:30pm - 10pm ST.
The plan is to attain AOTC in a timely manner whilst not taking everything super serious and having a good time.

If this sounds appealing to you, feel free to Message us on the following.



Thanks - Boge

Still looking for some Guildies, Tanks sorted but looking for DPS with and without healer OS

Bumping still looking for DPS

Looking for a healer or a dps with healer OS

Bump, looking for heals/dps

Can I raid on my lvl 68 priest?

Looking for more people Hit us up

Bump 5/8N, guild returns from holiday break for raiding on 3rd of jan :slight_smile:

Bump guild is now 4/8H

Bump guild is now 6/8H LF a few geared Ranged dps for the remainder of heroic prog

Socials/casuals welcome, we’ve now started up Friday normal alt raids.
Also welcoming M+ oriented players that want people to play with, currently have guild members ranging from 1k -2300+ ratings

Bump, still looking for a couple ranged dps for remainder of heroic prog

Joined to admire Boge’s transmog. Did not disappoint.

BUMP. Still looking for idi-wonderful people to join us!

Meeboogie nah wannawanga 7/8H slamming Heroic Raz prog still recruiting jacked geared ranged dps (our only hunter is retiring :’( ) will be very un kawaii if one drops and we have no bro dude to loot it xoxo gossip gnome. All geared ranged dps will be considered. Alt raids friday nights, socials welcome to attend those too.

Now 8/8H :slight_smile:

With aotc achieved we’re chilling till the new tier. Open to all strong dps for 10.1 embers of the dragon man, feel free to add for a chat.

interested in joining for 10.1 what dps specs you chasing?

sorry only just saw this. any strong dps or dps willing to learn and improve really. in terms of classes we don’t have, we’re currently short on a mage buff. Generally though we prefer people just play whatever class they’ll have the most fun as

Bumpers. still recruiting friends for 10.1

Bump. Recruiting 1x Healer and a Flex DPS with Heal OS for 10.1