[A] Frostmourne <Boop> Recruiting - Casual/Social Guild and Community!

Boop is Searching for any and all social and casual toons! We are focused on developing and maintaining a supportive and tight-knit community and are always looking to expand our family.

Whether you’re a returning player looking for a relaxed environment to find your footing, a casual player looking to get away from the demands of high tier raiding and the stresses of life; or just a place to hide your alts, everyone is welcome!

our guild is currently looking for players for all forms of content! we are looking to form a consistent raid team and people looking to do any range of keys from low to high levels. Our raids aim for AOTC every raid season, but take a more casual and stress free approach where you can come hang out and enjoy the raid! :smiley: our raid days are Friday 7pm server time and Sunday 6pm server time (if you’re in QLD its an hour earlier during daylight savings)
we also have a couple members that dabble in PVP random BGs and areas mostly!

our discord server is a mixture of pet pic sharing and general banter, with all the WoW talk in-between! discord.gg/boop

Again, our focus is on a chill and supportive guild, no drama, good laughs, and keep on booping!

You can add and contact me on Bnet @Coldsoul#11517, or better yet, @ me on discord @coldsoul :v: :vulcan_salute: :watermelon:


Do you also like to cuddle after a good /boop. Then come join us!

Edited to say I have no idea why my profile pic looks like im threatening you with a plank of wood


Very welcoming community looking for new friends in-game and out! :smiley:
Home for some and bante-central for many haha. Altaholics welcome!

Very laidback raids with no expectations and no worries, just progress and good times!
Absolute same goes for M+ (low’s and 20+) and PvP sessions ^^
Many groups run for fun and for each other! nothing usually too serious :>

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Willing to swap feet pics.

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Great guild, super friendly and chill. Really recommend it! :smiley:

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Bump! ^^
Almost cleared AOTC in time for heaps of reruns!