[A] Frostmourne 11/12M <Rhythm> recruiting for CE + SL

Now that FM, DM and Thaurissan have become one big happy family - I’d like to post a recruitment message for guild Rhythm :slight_smile:

Formerly of Dath’remar, we server changed to Frostmourne and became the guild now known as . Our aim was to join a more populated server in order to recruit more skilled progress-minded raiders. Currently at 11/12 in Ny’alotha we are looking to gain CE in this tier and in the future.

We raid on Thursday and Sunday nights from 7:30 Server time till 10:30 Server time with additional alt runs and Mythic Plus on other nights. We will be considering exceptional applicants and more casual or social members are always welcome.

Any questions or queries can be directed to Nolcrafty#1457 or you can contact us in game by whispering Nolwall-Frostmourne or Divinationn-Frostmourne.

All the best in Shadowlands!