[A] Frost DK LF Casual Sunday Normal Raid Community

I’ve been in a cross-realm community since BFA, but the whole Raid team quit last summer due to Blizzard’s lawsuit. With the new season I figure it might be a good time to finally look for another community to raid with.

I’m looking for a chill, laid-back, casual group. The team I was previously in started with Normal and then worked on Heroic once Normal was cleared, so something similar to that is what I’d be interested in. Due to my work schedule and other IRL commitments Sundays and possibly Mondays are the only days I have available for Raiding, though I’ll be able to run M+ dungeons throughout the week for additional gear.

I will get my ilvl up to whatever the raid leader feels is necessary (haven’t done much except level alts since my previous team quit), will bring my own consumables, and will clearly communicate through Discord if I’m running late or unable to make it.