[A] <From Accounting> Raiding/M+

Our guild- From Accounting, needs more people!
Our raids are Sunday evening 7:30- 10:30 est.
Right now we are looking for a steady raid healer and DPS are always welcome.

Right now we need:
Cool People!

We are 8/8n and 7/8h in The Eternal Palace.

If you are interested, please contact me skinsaw#1430, or catch one of us online!

10 out 10 would buy again. Some good peeps

Yeap, we need some cool dps!! I’m offtaking the group xD

We are still looking to add a few more people.

Best team! Just need some more people to fill things out.
Tank/Heal/DPS bring whatever you want to play.

We have added a few people, but always looking for more! Raiders and social members welcome!

We raid today!

Post updated!

Tonight is the night!

We had a super good raid this last week, but we are still looking for good people that play DPS. We have no rogue. We need a rogue!

Zek’voz is finally dead! That jerk…
Come along and help ups kill Zul!

We are still looking for DPS!

We always have room for more!

The quest for more DPS continues! Come join us!

Our first night in Battle of Dazar’alor went great!

Come and join us!

I already have a guild I’m happy with but we raid Friday and saturdays. So I could be up to help you guys from time to time on sundays. If you are interested give me a shout.

I sure will Crazyirish!

Post updated and edited!

Things are happening, and you can come and be part of it!