[A] From Accounting needs you!

Hello! I am recruiting for From Accounting, on Aerie Peak US. We are Alliance, and we are a pretty solid guild/group that has raided together for all of BfA, and we are looking to solidify even more as we move into Shadowlands.

We are looking for awesome people to join our raid team (currently 12/12H) and run M+ with us. We are pretty solid on tanks and heals for raid, so right now we would like to add some more skilled DPS to our raid group, especially ranged. Dungeons are a little more flexible, however.

Raid Sunday from 7:30- 10:30 pm, EST. We do M+ after raid, then Monday evening and Friday evening.

We are a helpful and encouraging group, and are looking for like-minded folks who want to be part of a team and have a good time. Bad jokes and puns are welcome!

No obligation, cross-realm tryouts are welcome! Come and meet us! Message me on battlenet at skinsaw#1430 or on discord at Skinsaw#2314

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Upvote for a great guild and raid team, come join us for Sunday night Heroics. Ranged DPS in need as we are melee heavy currently.
Iā€™m the GM you can also hit me up Muddywaters#1333 as well.
All are welcome to inquire and chat with us to see if we are a good fit.