(A) Fresh 9/10 M LF Aff Warlock or Unholy DK for CE Push

We have 1 Full Time Spot opening up for Sire Progression & 9.1 . We are solid group of raiders that have forged this raid team together by raiding every week for going on 5 years . Night Fae Affliction Loc or an Unholy DK . We killed SLG this week and took a handful of pulls on Sire right afterwards. CE Push begins Tuesday. Raid days and times are Tues & Wed 5:45 Pacific or 8:45 EST is when we start forming up .First pull is at the top of the hour. Friday 6 Pm Pacific (9 pm EST) . We raid for 3 hours each night. We provide Cauldron,Feast, Runes, Oils, Pots, Repairs, and a solid raid enviroment . Discord only Horse#5014 or our Raid Leader Thoir #Zeack4162 . Thank You ,Horse GM of Braveheart US Silvermoon and Mok’Nathal ( Drak’thul , Hydraxis , Borean Tundra , Shadowsong, Skywall, and Terenas are “connected” ).