(A) Fourth Attempt-Dalaran Server LF a Guild Partnership to run M EP with

Since recruiting isnt happening like we’d like, I’d like to propose a partnership with any guilds out there that may be in in the same boat. We are 3/8 Mythic and run Tue/ Thurs 8-11pm ET w/ Sundays Heroic clear for recruitment (8-11pm ET). Its that time in the expansion were some guilds are taking a break.

We are 5-6 people short of fielding a full team for Mythic EP. We are very capable just we spend so much of our raid time filling and then we cannot get pugs to commit to the 2nd raiding night. If your guild has several members looking to remain active and would like to partner for Mythic Raiding PST.

add MeanGreen#1913 or ultimate#1138 for questions!