[A] FortyTwo - 2 Night AOTC - Looking for DPS

FortyTwo is a long-standing guild on Whisperwind. Many of our raiders have been around and playing together since Vanilla.

We are adults, adulting during the day and raiding two nights a week with the aim of AOTC each tier.

Our Raid Nights are Tuesday & Wednesday’s 8:30 pm - 11:30 pm EST.

Outside of Raid, you can find an occasional m+ run or two.

Due to real-life getting in the way and natural attrition, we are currently looking for DPS that know their class and can contribute to the raid. Our focus is on defeating bosses and not on logs. Come with a positive attitude, class knowledge, and a willingness to not stand in fire.

Reach out to Honeystack or Bloaf (Bloaf#1198) to learn more.

Our intent is to find like-minded raiders on Whisperwind or Dentarg. If you are on another realm, feel free to give us a try and if it’s a good fit, then look at transferring over.