A Formal Request Thread for Fresh/New TBC Servers

Honestly might not even play if there are no fresh servers being released. I was excited purely because I wanted another fresh start like classic wow was.


Remember guys, they were willing to make “Pristine” servers back when they were trying to counter doing OG vanilla. No boosts, no heirlooms, etc. They could easily apply that to new classic servers.
They main reason I don’t see that happening very soon is because of the $$$ they will make on all the “features” getting placed on the current classic.

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There is also the RMT happening with Chinese companies which I’m sure Blizzard takes a cut in with NetEase accounting it as “revenue”.

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if thats true, then yeah, its a goner


Disappointed that there’s no mention of fresh realms yet. Still holding out hope for an announcement before the pre-patch but it seems unlikely. Knowing Activision-Blizzard, it wouldn’t make sense to provide fresh realms with no boosts or microtransactions. They should merge dead realms like they’ve done historically and provide at least one fresh realm per region. Although it’s anecdotal, I know a few people that don’t want to play unless there is a fresh realm provided by Blizzard, not community-driven on old realms where people can boost and transfer characters. It’s not the same, I hate that argument.

Also, the “Dark Portal Pass” sounds like something straight out of Activision. And the character services and Deluxe edition are expensive. What a surprise.


CongraTs fresh server advocates.

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Congrtz??? Unless I am mistaken there has been 0 mention of any Fresh servers being added.

Which is a damn shame. I really wanted to join for TBC but only if it was a Fresh server. Which means I guess I am canceling my sub.

I thought the point was to provide that “classic at launch feel” … which TBC had fresh servers AT LAUNCH. But I guess not?

Edit: Unsubbed … wish I knew this would be the outcome a week ago, could have saved myself paying an extra month I won’t play.

With this big disappointment, if anyone is interested in New World when it comes out in August we should set something up. I played the beta last year and it was fairly alright and supposedly after the delay its been improved significantly.

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Why did anyone expect a fresh announcement today? We know they’re not even considering it until after launch.

That said, I now no longer have any hope for fresh servers. For a semi-related reason. This two weeks pre-patch is…ridiculous. There was huge demand for an extended pre-patch. People begging for even 2 or 3 months. Instead we get half of the original time. What this says to be is Blizzard has literally zero interest in meeting players’ desires. They are utterly detached from what the players wants. So even though fresh has a huge demand…it doesn’t matter.

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There’s a new realm in the realm list for US West. Could this be a fresh Burning Crusade realm?

Need more posts like Kurisutina. Don’t just accept Blizz’s decision. Tell us, who else is quitting?


Didn’t I tell you they would create a NEW Server? I (also) said, it wouldn’t be to your exacting standard, though.

EDIT: But, it’s OK, I’m just a “troll”, right? :roll_eyes:

I don’t know who you are or why you’re replying to me. I visit the forums a handful of times per year.

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My apologies, I’ve been in this thread off and on, since its inception and have been called a “troll” in stating my observations and/or opinions.

When I said “you” I meant to say “you (general ‘you’, not you, in particular)”. I lumped you (specifically) into that “you” category 'cause you’re a part of the general populace, and I DID express that NEW Servers would be coming just not to this thread’s exacting fashion.

Kind of a strange thing to add a PvP server when there are plenty of very low pop or one sided pvp servers.


According to some (not all) PvP Server advocates “PvP Servers are the ‘only’ thing that matters” LOL

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When i look at a pvp realm and the stigma about Horde being the best in pvp for this expansion it makes me wonder what alliance are going to want to roll on a heavily dominated horde server. That or Blizzard is planning for way more people to come back to horde servers which i think is a long shot by them.

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+1 i agree and hate this straight up money grab

Hmm, that greyed out new server is interesting. 99.9% chance just some silly error. Maybe a test server they use.

By the way, the chance of a boostless server is basically dead. They can’t sell a Deluxe Edition that includes a boost and not allow it on certain servers.

Tons of players coming out and saying it now - in the same boat as you…

As it turns out: I pre-ordered New World (back when it was still going to be an open world pvp mmorpg) - not thrilled with the directions they have moved in, but I still own it. Assuming there are no more delays, and there are no fresh servers in WoW - count me in…

Happy for you guys if you get your fresh server that krol blade server maybe :astonished: