<A> [ FORGE ] - 11/11m - LF DPS Players

Pew pew, we need more DPS and HEALS pewpew for SLG

Still looking to add solid members to our team. If you are interested, apply at the link above! =

Let’s get it. Looking to add exceptional players to the team.

Bump still looking to add to the TEAM!

Frost Mage / Ele Shaman / Hunter in demand!

Pizza or Tacos?

Come save King Anduin!

Still looking to add exception dps and healer players to our roster!

Looking for Warlock, Mage, Ele Shaman or Hunter to add to the team!

Looking to add some more dps + heals to the team!

Still looking to add more players!

Bump for Forge, still looking for a Warlock / Mage / Elemental Shaman

Ilvl 220 lock lfg. Bnet Rosgaros#1423. Contact if interested

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Stioll looking to add exceptional DPS and Heals to the rosters. Some hybrids would be nice.

So you ain’t done it for 52 years.

Bump for the Forge

Still looking to add more people to our TEAM!

1 2 3 4 we need more

Still looking to add more to our team! Looking for motivated players to push ranks.

Looking for moar dotz from a Warlock, some projectiles from a Hunter or some earthquaking Elemental Shaman that could maybe offspec heals :wink: