[A] Fire mage looking for guild to help gear up

Hello all! I’m Evo, and I’m looking for a guild to raid Ny’alotha with, and run m+ with!

I decided to reroll mage very recently, and I’m looking for a team to help me gear up and improve. My item level is 450 equipped, 457 in bags. My neck level is 84. My cloak level is 12.

I am available every day/night except Monday.

I have logs for 7/12H on this mage, from a pug I did. My ilvl parses are not terrible. If you want to look at them, they are under Evochan-Stormrage. I do have AOTC, and 3/12M experience. If you want to look at logs for those, I have logs on both a warlock (Evozar-Stormrage) and a druid (Evodén-Sargeras - alt code 0233).

If you are interested in having me, you can contact me through BNet or Discord.

BNet: Evo#12151
Discord: Evo#6079

Hey there Evo!

< Battle Hardened > is looking for a couple DPS to fill out our core mythic raid group. We are 6/12M and will be headed towards Ra-den next. The guild is active, members are on all through the week and enjoy running M+ (a decent amount of people over 2.2kIO that enjoy pushing the limits as well), PVP be it Arenas or BGs, etc.

Currently we raid Tuesdays and Wednesdays on the Wyrmrest Accord server from 9-12 EST. (Server is PST so it’s 6-9 server time)

We are like a big family, close knit and enjoy hanging out and talking with each other. There’s quite a few of us gearing up as well, and we do a heroic run on Fridays to help you get geared up, as well as m+ throughout the week. Would love to chat with you if you are interested!

I’ve added you on btag if you’d like to chat! Valannia#1629 (mine) or Savius#1232 (Revocation-recruitment officer)

Link to forum post: [A] 6/12M < Battle Hardened > LF Range + DPS w/Heal OS!