A few never-implemented appearances in the appearance tab

As a bit of a completionist, just thought I’d mention a few appearances in the appearance tab that have no possible sources and cannot be obtained by any means, nor could ever have been obtained. This is different than “was previously obtainable, but is currently not” - of which there are far more.

  1. Gurubashi Empire Greatcloak, House of Nobles Cape - Two appearances that match the style of other BFA capes. “Quest” is listed as the source, but there are no known quests that reward them.

  2. Jade Forest Pseudo-Rewards - This was actually my primary reason for posting as they were a bit more tedious to get to the bottom of. I focus on Plate, so I do not know the other armor types very well. The items are as follows - Heavy Chestpiece of Eminent Domain. Honorary Combat Engineer’s Heavy Legplates. Landfall Plate Boots. I’ll be thorough as these were very tricky to understand.

These items themselves ARE in the game and are rewarded by questing in the Jade Forest. However, there are other appearances with identical names that are not rewarded and are unobtainable by any means. For example, search
“Heavy Chestpiece of Eminent Domain” on a plate character. You will see one appearance that IS obtainable. It matches a plate tier set from Trial of the Crusader. However, there is another appearance with an identical name that is not obtainable. Similarly, search “Honorary Combat” under plate legs. You will see 3 different names of legs and 3 different models - all of them obtainable. But there is a 4th appearance with the names of all 3 legplates listed under it that cannot be obtained.

As these appearances are listed but cannot be obtained, I think it’s fair to consider this a bug. While I dream of a way to filter “unobtainable” items, I think adding those to the list would take a way from the problem these items present so I won’t list those here. This is obviously a low priority, but I would love to see a fix for these someday as it’s presently impossible to collect, say “all” plate leg appearances in the appearance tab.

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