[A] <Faulty> 10/10 H Looking for more

Hey Dentarg and Whisperwind!

Just like all the other Guilds on the server Faulty is recruiting.

Our goal is to have fun with other players doing various things such as Mythic + keys, some rated PVP, group Torghast runs and of course raiding. To use a metaphor, “We expect to ride the wave in as far as we can with most aspects of the game (i.e. PVP, Torghast, Mythic+, and Raids) and then paddle out for the next ride (each tier as a Guild). At a minimum, our goal is to achieve “Ahead of the Curve” (AOTC) and then work on Mythic progression. We will not be pushing for Cutting Edge (CE) but we will push to see how far we can go.

Our raiding roster is doing well and the good news is that we’re happy to have multiple classes within our raid. Today we continue building a team of like-minded Individuals that play for fun but are also competitive. We continue having a good time and put our noses to the grindstone when it comes to progression but we’re a bunch of clowns and goofballs on farm content.

When it comes to raiding, we expect everyone to have an understanding of the mechanics for the fights. We don’t want you to pull blindly so we will expect that you will have reviewed the mechanics that are in play on your own before we pull. An additional requirement will be a having few game add-ons such as a boss mod like DBM or BigWigs, Exorcist Raid Tools (ERT) and WeakAuras2. As mentioned before, we’ll expect that you have an overall understanding of the encounters to make it easier for the raid overall and ultimately to progress. We want everyone to play and succeed because this is one of the things that we love about this game, sharing it with other players and having a sense of satisfaction in killing a raid boss. Once we have a solid group of regular players, and achieve AOTC, we will even continue with a few mythics (without the requirement of running a weekly 10+ key, though it can be helpful).

When we’re not raiding, you’ll find us trying to get caught up in the game and even running mythic keys or helping guildies get their key or just helping as best we can. We’re a small-medium guild right now but we’re hoping we’ll have a lot more in the future.

So, I guess the next question is “what are we looking to recruit?” Well we’re looking for all sorts of players.

We’re looking for active players that are looking for a home and a place to hang out keeping things fun. Our Social players are strengthening in numbers and have been pulled into a Mythic key here and there. This group of players will also be able to dab a little in Raiding on our farm content, but may be asked to sit on the progression content for any number of reasons.

We have a several players that are happy to jump around (on their mains and alts) to help do M+ on the off raid nights, in order to help others. Most recently we’ve had several players fill in the Tank role on alts, but would love to have more players able to fill those roles as mains (even if they’re using an off-spec role) to help create a deeper roster and reduce the need for one specific role or PUGing a player from LFG.

Our desire is to maintain a raiding roster of around 25 +/- raiders. Our raid days and time are Thursday’s and Monday’s starting at 8:30 PM server (which is central time. 9:30 for east coast, 7:30 mountain, 6:30 pacific) and is three hours with multiple breaks.

So now that you know a little about Faulty, we’re hoping that you’ll reach out and tell us a little about who you are and what you think of Faulty and our philosophy. Contact any of the following in game or through b-net:

Desy/DesnasDesnas-Whisperwind – Desnas#1182 - Guild Master & Raid Leader
Cuzi/CuzziCuziwantit-Whisperwind – Cuziwantit#1152 – Recruitment Officer
TenuTenuvian-Whisperwind – Tenuvien#1450 – Officer
Baene/Urue - Urue-Whisperwind - Baene#1413 - Officer
Tekket - Tekket-Whisperwind - Tekket#1924 - Officer

Thanks for your time and possible interest and we look forward to possibly building a Faulty relationship with ya!


Cleaned up the roster to remove those not ready or haven’t been on, so there’s been a change to the post and our needs.

Another update. I’m away from game and we need a healer. Reach out to the officers listed in the original post.

I’m still out and we would like a few more players. Talk to Tenu (aka Sporadica).

I’m easing back into things but still looking for some DPS for raids. Please contact one of the above officers and if you’re looking to raid be sure to contact Sporadica.

Rounding the corner and into the stretch so we’ll be dabbling in Mythic in a bit. Reach out to join and be a part of the Mythic progression of Faulty. :slight_smile:

Bump. We’re closing in on Ahead of the Curve and are looking for more folks to join our team! If you have any questions, please reach out to me in game!