[A] <Faulty> 03/12-M looking for more

Hey Dentarg and Whisperwind!

(TL;DR at the bottom of this post.)

Faulty reformed and has been rebuilding since 8.3 dropped and we are continuing to grow the Guild. A majority of our members, are players that had returned back around December 2019. Since then, everyone’s been grinding AP, Essences and gearing up and obtaining the “Ahead of the Curve” (AOTC) achievement with only 13 people on the raid roster and all under 42 raiding hours. We just started Mythic Ny’alotha (July 6th) and killed Wrathion in 13 pulls and one shot Prophet. We’re ready to go!

So here’s a little about Faulty…

Faulty was founded in 2013 with a group of adult players interested in having fun and enjoying the game with other like-minded players. We didn’t do things perfectly (still don’t) and messed up a lot, hence our guild name. We started out with pugging raids and recruiting to build a solid raid team. It’s was our desire to obtain AOTC each tier and see how far we can go in Mythic raiding, but we also look to raise our Raider io scores, do transmog/mount runs and a couple like to have some fun in PVP.

The Founders have been looking to rebuild the Guild into a fun and entertaining place to hang out, call home and build new relationships while playing WoW. We all like to have a good time and Faulty provided that in the past and we’re well on our way to do it again.

So, your next question may be “What is Faulty looking for?”. Well, we’re looking for Members and Raiders.

*** MEMBERS ***
We’re looking for members that just like to have fun online and be a part of a growing family. Anyone that plays this game for fun qualifies! Just whisper us in game and tell us you wanna join as a member! We also have the in-game guild app in case you’re a little shy! We often try to help new people with lower/mid level Mythic keys, and (if you ask) we’ll explain the fight mechanics as we go along. As an added bonus, we even bring in Guild Members for our Heroic farm content so long as you can meet the minimum requirements. (Please note that doesn’t mean you just get to start raiding, we welcome that, but we’ll want to talk to you about expectations when it comes to progression raiding)

Growing a guild takes time and effort and we are already preparing for the next expansion. Having more players online will allow us to foster more social interactions and help players achieve their end game goals (Raiding, Mythic keys, PVP, Alt-a-holism, Tansmog runs, Timewalking, playing for fun, making fun of Tekket, etc.)

*** RAID TEAM ***
Faulty is looking to have a raid roster of players that are looking to have some fun and are active (i.e. play on the off nights). We expect raiders to be patient enough to wipe to Heroic/Mythic raid mechanics and also be able to take recommendations without feeling like you’re being attacked.

With regard to our Raid days and time, Faulty has chosen to raid on Thursdays and Mondays from 8:30 PM - 11:30 PM server time (CST). We’re looking to have a raiding roster of around 22 raiders (we have 16 currently) and have been filling roles with officer alts (usually tanks and heals). We just started to push into Ny’alotha Mythic content and Faulty killed the first two bosses our first night in. Our expectation will be to continue building the guild and Mythic raid team as we prepare for Shadowlands.

Initially, we don’t expect everyone to know every aspect of the fight(s), but we do expect you to have a few tools (add-ons), discord and an overall understanding of the encounter mechanics to make it easier for the raid overall and ultimately to progress. We want everyone to play and succeed because this is one of the things that we love about this game, sharing it with other players and having a sense of satisfaction on killing a raid boss. Once we have a solid group of regular players, we’ll continue into mythic raiding (without the requirement to run a weekly key).

To enhance our raid roster for Mythic raids, we would love to round things out with the following roles:
Heals - CLOSED
M-DPS - OPEN 2 slots
      - DK (priority if you can play both Frost and Unholy), Rogue, Feral Druid or a Ret. Pally with a viable OS Heal)
R-DPS - OPEN 3 slots
      - Any ranged
Of course it goes without saying that we’ll consider any exceptional players.

If you can play your class effectively, we can help you with/outline the mechanics (usually).

So now that you know a little about Faulty, we’re hoping that you’ll reach out and tell us a little about who you are and what you think of Faulty and our philosophy. Contact any of the Officers in game or through b-net:

Tekket – Tekket-Whisperwind – Tekket#1924 - Officer
Cuzi – Cuziwantit-Whisperwind – Cuziwantit#1152 – Officer
Tenu – Tenuvian-Whisperwind – Tenuvien#1450 – Raid Leader/Officer
Desnas – Desnas-Whisperwind – Desnas#1182 - Guild Master

As I mentioned earlier if you’re on the Dentarg/WW server, you can also app with us using the in game guild finder.

Thanks for your time and possible interest and we look forward to a “Faulty” relationship with ya!


“Faulty - Because Perfection is half way to crazy!”

TL;DR - Looking for new members for social aspect of the game and the Mythic raid needs solid DPS. Raids are Thurs & Mon 8:30 PM server (CST) 3 hours.

Still looking for more. Send a whisp and come have some fun.

I didn’t see it in the post, but based on your avatars, I’m assuming that you’re an Alliance guild?

451 unholy DK here (sorry I have never tanked) who currently raids T/W from 11-1 EST. You wouldn’t think the 30 minute end time you’ve chosen would be a difference, but with my work schedule it’s huge…progression so far is 11/12N, 2/12H Ny’alotha. Logs available as well. Hit me up at buckeyes#11437 if you want to know more. Thanks and best of luck.

Vellios - Yes we are an Alliance guild, but several of our players are Horde’s at heart!

Reece! - you can DPS, but does the time work for you?
We are raiding 9:30 PM - 12:30 AM EST. Thats 1.5 hours earlier than your current start and end 30 min sooner. Hit us up in game if that still works!

Wow, what a small world (of warcraft)! Not sure if you guys remember me, but I raided with you all on my ele shaman (Relm) back in WoD (we got really close to a H Blackhand kill if I recall). Unfortunately I had to step away from the game though due to some real life issues.

I ended up taking a break for 4+ years until Classic came out and sparked my interest in WoW again. Unfortunately that didn’t hold very long once the nostalgia wore off, since the raiding is so damn easy and uninteresting compared to retail (BWL was just cleared in 42 min lol), not to mention the rotations and class balance are pretty meh.

So a few weeks ago I decided to try out retail again. Used one of my 110 boosts on a mage and have been having a blast gearing her out and experiencing the 8.3 content. I was just about to start looking for a guild when I remembered you guys and out of curiosity googled Faulty and this post came up. So bizarre that we’re all in the exact same boat coming back to the game after 5 years!

Anyway, I remember having a blast with you all back in WoD, so if you guys have room for a fire mage (435 ilvl, 73 neck) I’d love to transfer over and kill some bosses with you again!

Those times work great for me…I’m looking for an earlier start time than my current group, which begins at 11:00 PM EST. Currently 4/12 H and iLvl is 459.

Great! Catch me (or another Officer) in game and we’ll go from there!

Still looking for some raiders.

7/12-H still looking for Raiders and some more socials.

12/12H time to add on and build to Shadowlands

I spoke with Tekket a few months ago when you were just starting heroic Ny’alotha. Currently 12/12 H here but raid team kinda folded after AotC. If you’re still raiding during the week and need solid dps, let me know; I would still be interested in joining up with you.

Faulty has been growing and we’ve got an awesome group of players. Our raid synergy is getting better each week. We’ve got several trials going on and this has strengthened the team that much more.

We’re still looking for m/r DPS specifically whats listed above. If you have a good attitude about playing and wiping you’ll probably fit in great.

One final note for this post: As the (edited) first post stated, we’re building for Shadowlands but things are coming along really well and if it continues, we may be able to start Mythic Ny’alotha before the next expansion.

Come join and have some fun. Get into mythics while we wait for Shadowlands.

Starting Mythics and we’re still looking for a few more DPS slots. Please reach out to anyone online and they can direct you to an Officer if you don’t want to add us to your Bnet.

If you want to see who we are and our crazy conversations during raid search “YouTube Faulty guild” and review some of the scrapbook entries, you’ll especially like #'s 3, 5 and 9 (NSFW)

Downed the first two mythic bosses (Wrathion and Prophet) in a total of 14 pulls. Please see what we are hoping to recruit in the (edited) original post.