[A] <Fatal Union> is recruiting!

Alliance PVE guild

We are a newly formed guild of experienced players that want to get to Phase 2 content. We currently have 1 Karazhan team. We are recruiting for a second Karazhan team and Gruul’s Lair and Mags. We are progression focused while also allowing for the casual player that just wants to chat. We would like to get enough players that we can do everything in guild eg. Raids Heroics Normals etc. Please contact a member in game for more info. Our Raid Times are Tuesday and Saturday at 6:30 PM Server Time. Give us a try if you have found that you got a late start with Phase 1 content like we did and want to progress through and experience the game like intended instead of just being carried through like a lot of people enjoy.

Guild discord: discord.gg/uzVyuac6