[A] <Exploding Goblins> 7/8 Heroic Guild Recruiting 1 Tank!


Exploding Goblins is an AOTC Alliance guild on Stormrage recruiting for Dragonflight!

We raid Two nights a week 11PM to 2 am Friday + Saturday. (Invites out 10:55P Fri+Sat).

Currently Recruiting: 1 Tank

Prior Clears:

  • 11/11H Sepulcher of the First Ones

We offer later than normal raid times and a low hour schedule. The group is very friendly and easy going making steady progress. While being geared is great, being able to consistently meet the raid times as well as improve each pull is more important! Gear we can fix, attitude and schedules we cannot. We look forward to hearing from you!

How to apply: Contact Vay (GM) BattleNet: Nagoto#1498 Discord: Shotaro#6212

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Still recruiting for this weekends raid!

LF 2 Healers and DPS for our Normal roster!

Jailer downed! 1/11H. Recruiting for our Heroic roster. Need 1-2 healers and DPS!

20 Days in and we’ve cleared Normal and are 7/11H! Heroic Anduin to last phase. Need another healer or two and some dps to finish up heroic with. =)

Raid night! Still recruiting.

ANDUIN DOWN Lets go! 8/11H

Lords to 30%! Progress. =) Still looking for a healer and dps!

Reclear and Lords prog tonight! Still need more dps and 1 healer.

10/11 CLEARED! Onto Jailer prog. LF more DPS.

Jailer to 22%! AOTC tonight? Still recruiting DPS.

Looking for 2 Tanks and dps for Season 4!

Raid night! Jailer reclear. :smiley:

TO the TOP!

SEASON 4 IS HERE! Recruiting Tanks and Dps still

One day till raid night! Still need 1 tank and a few more dps.

First weekend went well! Cleared Normal completely, cleared Heroic to H-Danny to p3. Still recruiting ONE tank and dps!

Tank spots filled! Just looking for DPS! Normal and Heroic Sanct Tonight+Tomorrow!

Hey there! Sent Btag to chat (Kovo), returning player looking for a new home.

Recruiting one tank!